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The Last Word

Time to wrap up this blog; this is the last post.  I’ve been home almost 3 weeks now and am I’m still trying to settle in.  I’ve done some visiting with friends and family, it’s great to see them! There … Continue reading

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Summary and Best Of: Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

If you’ve ever had a peak at my Summary/Best-Of posts for my travels through Asia, Australia and NZ or South America and Antarctica, you know what’s coming. This is a summary of Part 3 of my world tour:  314 days … Continue reading

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This is the end of my World Tour (Day 907)

Today, my 907th as a World Traveller, is my last.  As they say, all good things must come to an end.  After almost 2 and a half years of wandering around the planet, my time has come.  Timbuktu was my … Continue reading

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South America & Antarctica – Summary and “Best of” (Day 745)

Over a year ago I wrote a “summary and best of” post of my travels through Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (which I have been calling Part 1 of my world tour).  I had so much fun doing it that … Continue reading

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For Now, This Will Have To Do (Day 734)

As I mentioned last time, my transition from my old blog (which Microsoft is shutting down) to this one has not been smooth.  All my photos have been shrunk.  A lot!  Much of my content as been mangled.  Yuck.  I was … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog’s new home (Day 732)

I got a notice from Microsoft the other day saying that they will no longer be supporting their blogging service.  This means that my blog (, will cease to exist sometime soon.  But, they provided a mechanism to move the blog … Continue reading

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The Shawn World Tour is coming to Europe (Day 593)

You heard it here first.  Somebody call Europe and warn it that I’m coming.  I have really enjoyed my 9 months in South America (and 11 days in Antarctica!), but I am ready for a change of continent.  I am … Continue reading

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