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Burkina Faso: The Country of Honest Men (Day 890)

That’s what “Burkina Faso” means in one of the local languages.  Cool, eh? If you like that name, you will love the name of the capital city:  Ouagadougou! (Did somebody buy too many vowels?).  To pronouce this one, think “Wagadugu” … Continue reading

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Ethiopia: 13 months of sunshine (Day 883)

I’m a blogging machine today. “13 months of sunshine” is the motto of the Ethiopian Tourism Department.  I like it.  The Ethiopians actually have their own calendar which has 13 months.  In Ethiopia, the year is currently 2003.  What’s more, … Continue reading

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“Are you a spy?” (Day 883)

Some random guy asked me this at the Somaliland-Ethiopia border while I was crammed into the back of an SUV with 3 other people (this is how transportation is done here) .  I was thinking I must have mis-heard him.  “Excuse me?” … Continue reading

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