For Now, This Will Have To Do (Day 734)

As I mentioned last time, my transition from my old blog (which Microsoft is shutting down) to this one has not been smooth.  All my photos have been shrunk.  A lot!  Much of my content as been mangled.  Yuck.  I was pretty bummed out about it, so I manually fixed my last couple blog entries (the ones on Poland and Germany & Switzerland).  While doing this, I realized 3 things:

– there is no way I will find time to fix all 300-plus photos over 86 blog entries.  I will be in the internet cafe from now until Christmas
– no one is looking at all those old posts anyway; I am the only person that minds
– these shrunken photos are THE biggest problem in my life right now; so, I think I will be OK

So, I will not fix the rest of the photos at this point.  I think the world will continue to turn.

But, I have fixed all the broken video links.  Those should all be working now.  To be honest, I really enjoyed skimming through all my old posts.  I have been on the road for so long, I have forgotten all the things I have done.  (For example, I just saw a previous post where I almost got chased by a rhino and then attended the 2008 World Elephant Polo Championships!  Haha, that was an odd one!)  This process has been great for reminiscing.  Some of the things I have said and done all over the world are ridiculous.  Especially Asia.  That was a crazy 8 months…

Also, I got to re-read some of the great comments you have left.  Many thanks for those!

In the long run, this WordPress blogging service is much better than the Microsoft one.  If you are a regular reader, I want to tell you about a few changes and new features:

1.  All my photo albums are still at the same location. You can see them by clicking on the picture at the top right, the one of those crazy hooded pyromaniacs from Andorra.

2.  Email notifications. You can sign up for these at the bottom of the sidebar at the right.  If you are a regular reader, I highly recommend you do.  Instead of checking back to see if I wrote anything, you will get an email in your inbox.  You can unsubscribe any time you want.  Simply, easy, good.  Some of you might recall I had this feature on my Microsoft-hosted blog.  Only difference is, it actually works here :)

3.  A link to my educational (?) “How To” videos on The Unique Art of World Travel. You will find this in the sidebar.

4.  Roll the dice! Click on it and you will be taken to a random entry in this blog.  I love it!

If you see any issues, I would love to hear about it.  Send me an email, Facebook msg, or even use the “email ” box in the right side bar.  Whatever.

Anyway, I plan blogging as per usual.  You can see the world through my eyes by dropping in from time to time.

I have been in the internet cafe for a few days now when I should be out enjoying Istanbul.  Catch you later…

PS:  I spent the last 2 days fighting with all this.  It was time-consuming and annoying… It gave me a feeling of deja vu… Then it hit me — it felt like work!  Uggh!  Oh, man, it sucked, haha.

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2 Responses to For Now, This Will Have To Do (Day 734)

  1. Lois says:

    Hi, Shawn, I was wondering:” Where in the world is Shawn?” and now I know! Take care! When are you planning a visit to this part of the world?
    Roger and Candis are coming here next Thurs for our early Scammell Christmas as this year they are with the Walsh side of the family in Sioux Lookout.

    Peter and I just returned from a week’s stay in Cuba – a little sun before Christmas! We did receive light dusting of the s=white stuff last night!
    All our best

    Lois and Peter

    Stay safe!

    • smartelo says:

      Mr. and Mrs. Scammell, it’s great to hear from you. The truth is I’m not sure when I will next be in Grant Subdivision, but I will definitely swing by Elgin when I do :) Enjoy the snow and Christmas!

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