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South America & Antarctica – Summary and “Best of” (Day 745)

Over a year ago I wrote a “summary and best of” post of my travels through Asia, Australia, and New Zealand (which I have been calling Part 1 of my world tour).  I had so much fun doing it that … Continue reading

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“You’ll feel like a million bucks, trust me” (Day 736)

I had just met Joe the day before, a friend of a friend.  He was talking about the Turkish bath experience.  I had heard about Turkish baths and wanted to try one for myself.  An Istanbul resident, he took me to … Continue reading

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For Now, This Will Have To Do (Day 734)

As I mentioned last time, my transition from my old blog (which Microsoft is shutting down) to this one has not been smooth.  All my photos have been shrunk.  A lot!  Much of my content as been mangled.  Yuck.  I was … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog’s new home (Day 732)

I got a notice from Microsoft the other day saying that they will no longer be supporting their blogging service.  This means that my blog (, will cease to exist sometime soon.  But, they provided a mechanism to move the blog … Continue reading

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Thank you, Europe (Day 731)

I am a blogging machine today.  I have just completed a memorable 4 months in Europe.  The highlight was visiting so many of the people I had met in my earlier travels.  When we met way back when, they told … Continue reading

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I’m Pumped About Poland (Day 731)

Poland has been my “home away from home” for the last month. Most of the time, I was crashing on Bart’s couch in Poznan. I relaxed, I read, I drank, I danced, I went out for dinner. I even tried … Continue reading

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“At the end of the day, we’re all travellers” (Day 728)

Often during my travels I hear a lot of great quotes.  I have vowed many times to write them all down, but I never get around to it.  The quotes fade from my memory and never see the light of … Continue reading

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