Broken link and a quick udpate (Day 693)

Some of you have noticed that the audio link below of me running with the bulls is broken.  Good catch!  Try this one, then click on the image with the music note, and open the resulting file with your computer’s audio player.  I have to admit, when I listened it to it again just now, in this internet cafe in Germany, it’s not all that terrifying.  As you are probably reading this from the comfort and safety of your home (or office? haha), you will probably feel the same.  But, when you are on the bull course, in between the fences, trust me, it is scary.  Then the rockets go off, and the fear really sets in.  The mass of people panics and starts running past you.  You wait for the sound that you know is coming and you now cannot avoid:  bull hooves beating on the pavement…
Since my last blog post long ago, I have been having a blast visiting friends all over Europe.  A quick taste:  I have attended parties and family reunions in England, hiked the Scottish highlands, drank too much in Ireland, danced on tables in Brussels, checked out the red light district in Amsterdam, saw some awesome castles in Germany, hiked the Swiss Alps, and explored Geneva.  It has been busy, but I have been taken care of by good people I have met from my travels in Asia and South America.  I am in Eastern Germany now and am about to visit Bart in Poland. 
As I predicted upon entering Europe, my posts have become less frequent.  It’s just that I have been busy, and when I do get some spare time, the internet costs an arm and a leg.  But, I am determined to do a proper update soon.  Stay tuned.  I hope your September is off to a good start.
Your intrepid world traveler,
PS:  For the record, I also updated the blog post below with the correct link.
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