Floating down The Amazon River (Day 565)

A little while ago I completed one of the most classic river journeys on the planet:  I floated down the Amazon River by boat:A classing Amazon River boat.  Note the hammocks in the middle level, and all the goods on the lower one

Accommodation on the boat is hammocks.  I took this picture before it got crowded.  People hang hammocks above/below each other.  When the boat rocks, everybody swings and bumps into each other.  Good times.

The whole trip took about 4 days in total, during which I spent most of my time staring at the Amazon River:

I’m not going to lie to you:  this trip wasn’t, uh, super exciting.  Enjoyable?  Yes.  Exciting?  Not so much.  Every meal time, or stop in a port, was a big deal.  I looked forward to them, just to break up the monotony, haha.  But, it was great journey.  If you do this (and you should if you are in the area), bring a good book… or 3 :)  At least the ride was pretty smooth most of the time.  My last boat journey was across the Drake Passage to Antarctica… I’m still recovering from that one.

One interesting thing was all the crazy stuff they squeeze on the boats.  For many communities on the Amazon, these river boats are their lifeline to the outside world.  All the goods arrive to the villages by these boats.  Thus, the river boats carry all kinds of things:  cars, motorcycles, loads of fish, beer, people, and everything else under the sun.  At one point I watched with amazement as a small canoe pulled up alongside our boat.  Two men struggled to lift a stove over the side into the waiting canoe.  If that wasn’t enough, they then transferred a whole bed into the canoe, which became badly overloaded and was threatening to sink at any second!  The canoe drove off to the nearby village with its load of goods.  Now that is delivery at its finest.

Given all this time on the boat, I had time to do a lot of thinking.  I think what the world needs is more Brazil pictures.  Here is my contribution

I am actually in the Guianas right now. The Guianas are a tight little set of three countries, if you will, north of Brazil.  This is one of those places where I had never met or heard of any traveller going.  So, I obviously, I stopped by for a visit.  Very interesting.  More on that later.

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