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I’m in France?!? How did this happen?? (Day 565)

It’s true.  I just spent 10 days in France.  The language was French, as was the flag flown, the money was the Euro, everybody drove Peugeots, and the baguettes were excellent.  It was France through and through. But, I never … Continue reading

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Floating down The Amazon River (Day 565)

A little while ago I completed one of the most classic river journeys on the planet:  I floated down the Amazon River by boat:A classing Amazon River boat.  Note the hammocks in the middle level, and all the goods on … Continue reading

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Welcome to the jungle! (Day 544)

If you have been reading this blog often over the last year and a half (good lord, time flies when you are wandering around the planet) you know that I have ventured into jungles all over the planet and I … Continue reading

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