The Last Argentinean Days (Day 538)

I have left Argentina for the last time this trip.  I have been in and out of this country since early December.  A friend recently asked me to pick my favourite country in South America so far — Argentina was the winner.  In this country I have trekked in the mountains, camped by lakes, drank good beer, ate outstanding beef (oh, asados, how I will miss you!), danced, celebrated New Year´s, traveled on some interminable bus rides, seen massive glaciers, among other good times.  I love Argentina.  As per usual when I leave a country, I have put together a little photo album, which you can peruse here.

Here is a random picture I like.  I saw this on a big yellow bus, so you know it has to be true

During a few of my last Argentinean days I visited the heavily-touristed-for-a-damn-good-reason Iguazu Falls.  These incredible waterfalls are shared between Brazil and Argentina. There are actually 275 (!) waterfalls stretched over 3 km.  Iguazu is one of the staples of any Argentina visit.

Just a handful of the falls that make up Iguazu

A while back I also spent a week in Buenos Aires, the perennial favourite of many travelers.  I admit that I didn’t get to explore city as much as some do.  The truth is that during my time in BA, Olympic hockey games were being played in Vancouver.  So, night after night, I would go back to the same bar to watch Team Canada play.  Who could blame me?  I am a hockey guy from Canada, and the gold medal was on the line.

But I still had a great time in that city.  It is a place of stylish people, tango (amazing, how these dancers don´t kick each other in the crotch, I have no idea), sidewalk cafes, and damn good steak.

A classic street parilla in Buenos Aires. At this place old guys sit around all day, drink beer and make fun of each other. There is a soccer game playing on a small TV in the corner. I recommend the Chori-Pan, of which I have eaten dozens.

Street band. What you don´t see in this pic are the dozens of kids spraying shaving cream over everybody and their brother.  Good, clean fun.

Tango in the park

One more quick story:

I saw Coldplay in a huge soccer stadium Buenos Aires.  It was a few weeks ago, but I remember that night well:  I was packed with 40,000 other people into the stadium.  I was fresh off a trip to Antarctica and an epic trek at the end of the world.  I was in one of South America´s greatest cities.  I was singing and dancing to one of the world´s biggest bands.  I was hanging out with some great people who were also far from home.  The crowd chanted, “Ole, Ole, Ole!”.  The band chanted back, “Ole, Ole, Ole!”.  I was having a blast.  I was travelling around the planet and didn’t have a care in the world.

The name of the Coldplay tour was Viva La Vida, which translates to “Live Life.”

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