Quick hello from Tierra del Fuego, “Land of Fire” (Day 483)

Hey all.  As I type this I am at the very bottom of Argentina, in a place called The Land of Fire.  As it is the middle of summer down here, it stays light outside until almost 11pm.  But the weather is not very summer-like:  the temps hover just above zero, and it snowed a couple days ago at an altitude of about 300 metres.  Imagine being back home and getting snow in early July.

Lately I have been doing a bunch of day hikes in the Tierra del Fuego National Park and surrounding area.  I feel like I have been bombarding you with trekking pics and stories, so I will let you off the hook this time, and just say the hiking has been excellent.  Especially with a new dusting of snow on all the mountains making the views very aesthetic.

In a few hours I will board a ship that will take me to the driest, windiest, coldest place on Earth:


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One Response to Quick hello from Tierra del Fuego, “Land of Fire” (Day 483)

  1. Ryan Moynes says:

    so jealous….have fun…. looking forward to the next post.P.S. Katie and just watched the movie "Whiteout"… Hope your experience is beter than the movie. P.P.S Katie had the baby on Friday. Name is Rachel Mary Moynes!

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