Argentina – the land of wine, meat and mountains (Day 438)

This country and I are getting along very well.  It has been quite a change from the Central Andean countries like Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.  Travel in Argentina is downright civilized, I would say.

I have heard many tall tales in my travels of the quality, and low cost, of Argentinian beef.  It´s all true.  If you ever come to Argentina, you need to hit one of their asados.  This is a BBQ, sometimes all-you-can eat (very dangerous), where the meat is typically cooked slowly over coals.  My hostel in Mendoza did an all-you-can-eat asado the other day.  I over-ate so badly I had to be carried to my room.

If you are vegetarian, I suggest you take a reprieve for one day in Argentina

Speaking of Mendoza, I´m told it is one of the finest wine-making regions in the world. I wouldn´t have the slightest clue, as I don´t like wine (somebody pass me a beer…).  But I´ll tell you what I do like:  bicycle wine tours.  Now, this is a good time.  In Mendoza, you can rent a bike and cycle around to all the wineries to do tastings.  All the other people are swishing, swirling, gurgling, tasting the wine.  I am just tossing the stuff back and getting sloshed.  Classy, as usual.

Getting drunk and biking around vineyards in beautiful weather is a blast!

Not far from Mendoza (a great city, btw) lies the biggest mountain outside the Himalayas:  6962m Aconcagua.  It is one of the Seven Summits.  I spent two days trekking and camping on its flanks.  At one of its base camps, I saw many people preparing for a long (typically about 2 weeks) attempt on its summit.  I´m not going to lie, I was a bit jealous.  (Although I don´t really know why I was jealous, as I know an attempt on its summit would be absolutely miserable.)  I will have to return some day with my mountaineering and cold-weather gear.  And a climbing partner.

My little tent at Camp 1 of Aconcagua.  Check out the massive expedition tents in the background.  These are fairly permanent and are for clients of big expedition companies who guide people to the summit.  When I arrived music was blaring from one of the tents – Queen, of all bands.

Blog Readers, I would like to introduce you to Aconcagua

On this blog I usually just write about the weird/ridiculous things that I do (or happen to me), because I only have so much time, and it makes for fun writing (and, hopefully, reading).  But, so much more happens than I could ever write about!  It is a great life.  In the future, I want to try to include more info on this, because the life of a traveler is so different from life in the real world.  Look forward to my thoughts and observations on the unique life of a long-term traveler.

Here is reminder that you should drink with me on New Years Eve at 11.30pm Eastern Standard Time.  It will be fun.

Anyway, I´m in Santiago, Chile now.  In a few days I fly to the remote and famous Easter Island for Christmas.  I hope you have a merry one and I´ll talk to you after I get back to the mainland.

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3 Responses to Argentina – the land of wine, meat and mountains (Day 438)

  1. Erika says:

    Sam and I will be in Costa Rica on New Years and will be sure to have a drink with you. Sam asks, "When is Sean going to be done with that traveling… It\’s kind of disgusting!"

  2. Erika says:

    BTW… Argentina is now on my list of must do/see!

  3. Shawn says:

    Haha! Fair question. The truth is, I´m not sure. I can tell you that I still have many plans for more stuff I want to do! I guess will be done when I get sick of life on the road, or my bank account waves the white flag, whatever comes first. It´s looking like it will be the latter…

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