Goodbye to India (Day 74)

As I mentioned before, a few weeks ago I bumped into a very cool, well-traveled married couple.  The wife kept a diary.  She would begin each entry with the number of days they have been on their trip.  I loved the idea and asked to steal it.  No prob.  So, today is the 74th day since I left my parents house on Oct 8.  I briefly considered counting all the days since I quit my job at Microsoft 15 months ago, since that is day my life changed its course.  But, I think I will keep the day-count relative to my travels, as this blog is.

Anyway, tomorrow I am leaving India for the last time.  I am flying to Bangkok, Thailand, to begin my SE Asia tour.

What can I say about India?  India is intense. It is loud.  Chaotic. Over-croweded.  Dirty.  The touts are extremely bothersome.  I met people in Kathmandu that were supposed to be in India, but after a short visit there they decided to take cover in Nepal for a while.  The air pollution in Kolkata is so bad I cast no shadow even though there is not a cloud in the sky.  Also, the haze is so bad on some days I can look directly at the sun without sunglasses and have no problem.  To be honest, first-time travelers would be better off trying somewhere else.

But, all this is part of the charm.  It is cheap.  Diverse.  The rail system is fantastic.  The food is excellent.  It is alive and well.  Most importantly, it is rich in everything I am not:  culture, religion, history, etc.  I am a better man for having been here.  I have added a small album for North India to the photo page.

Whoa, that’s a lot of blogging today.  I am waiting for a flight and have some down time right now.  Thus all the blogging.  I hope everyone’s holiday season is shaping up nicely.  Talk to you in Thailand.

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One Response to Goodbye to India (Day 74)

  1. Roger says:

    Hi, Shawn, this message is from Peter and Lois not Rog! Merry Christmas! What a wonderful journey! The entries and photos are spectacular! Now that I ( Lois ) have officially retired I have some new places on our "bucket" list! We arrived in Newfoundland for Christmas on Sat, Dec 20!Take care; we told Santa to check for you in Thailand!Lois

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