South India photo album

Hey all.  I just got down from an amazing 16-day trek through the Himalayas in Nepal.  My mind is blown.  More on that later.

I have decided to try posting pictures to online albums.  Here, you can see pictures of my time in Southern India.  I’m going to try to add one of these albums every month or so (or whenever appropriate).  If you have been checking this blog often, you will have already seen most of these pics in my posts.  But, there are a few extras.  Also, it seems convenient to me to group some pics into albums for easy viewing, as opposed to scrolling through all the text of my horrible writing :)  Anyway, enjoy.

Right now, I’m poking around the city of Pokhara, Nepal (oohh, I’m a funny guy).  This is where everybody comes after their trek to relax, get clean, eat good food (when you order a chicken dish here, they don’t have to actually go outside and kill a chicken), and, of course, do some light partying :)

Expect a post about my trek shortly.

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